Six Inches Tall Cover

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean, "digital format"?
The book is available only as a downloadable pdf file (8.9 MB) viewable on any iPad or any PC or Mac.

Can I view it on other devices?
Six Inches Tall is designed to be read in single-page views, just like a
physical book. Single page views in Nook and Kindle devices end up with very small text.

How do I get the book?
Once you complete the payment process you will be directed to a download page with a clickable link. You can download it directly to your computer or device. Or you can bypass the download link and go to your confirmation e-mail and download it from the link provided there.

Suppose I want to send the book as a gift?
If you wish to send the book as a gift, DO NOT use the clickable link provided immediately after purchase. INSTEAD go to your email where you will find a message with a link to the download page. Forward that email to the person you want to receive the gift.

What about multiple copies?
The download link is good for as many copies as you pay for before it expires. You can send the same link to several recipients, but make sure each person only downloads one copy each. To be really sure, purchase and send a separate download link to each person you are gifting.

Can I Print the book on my home desktop printer?
When you purchase your digital book, we offer you permission to print one copy of the book for yourself. We ask that you do not copy or distribute the book to others. We may be publishing a print edition at some point and will let you know when that becomes available.

For Windows users:
When downloading your book to a Windows machine, please remember to choose the "save" option rather than open directly from the download. You can also right click to get the option to save. Then save the boook somewhere on your computer where you can be sure to find it again.

Where is it on my iPad?When you download the book directly to your iPad, it will open in your browser (Safari) on your iPad. Touch the upper right corner to open in a reader App of your choice (iBook, Adober Reader, other) It will then be be stored with that App's documents, so you can find it again.
For more about using iBook to open and store a pdf click here.

I was reading the book on my iPad and now I can't find it?
Once you download your copy of the book on your iPad you will need to open it in a reader App in order to store it so that you can find it again and continue reading. When first downloaded the book will open in your browser (safari.) If you have started reading immediately and skipped the step of opening in an App, then you can find your copy of the book in the browser history. Open Safari, tap the book icon that appears upper left, and navigate to the history. Look for the number 1110653 and open it in the browser. Then proceed to open your book in a reader App, where it will be stored with that App's documents. (see above)

Best Viewing on a Mac?
Open the Six Inches Tall PDF file in the Preview program that comes with every Mac. In the VIEW menu pick SLIDESHOW. This shows only the page image with the rest of the screen black. You can use the actual or full-size option. To navigate, use the arrow buttons on your keyboard. This makes your Mac look like a big iPad.

Other issues?
Please get in touch.