Six Inches Tall
A Tale for All Ages
Story by Skip Snaith, Illustrated by Tina Rose
A Fully Illustrated Digital Book

What would you do, if your world changed overnight, the way it did for Cora B?


What if you were forced to embark on a long and dangerous journey,
with an uncertain outcome, relying only on your

courage,    skill,   and  wits? 

What if you thought you were alone in the world, only to find you were wrong?

What if your best friends included an Unusual animal companion,
a lonely Toymaker, a reclusive Beachcomber and a troubled ten year old girl?


What if there was a profusely and charmingly illustrated Book about a tiny sailor
on a nearly impossible quest that answered all these questions and more?

Fortunately for you, there is !

Six Inches Tall is about meeting the challenges of change, and finding your special place
in the world, but it’s not a message disguised as a story, it’s a fast-paced, intelligent book,

with a curious cast of characters   

who become part of Cora’s miniature world and the epic journey she undertakes.

With an illustration on every page (most in full color), it’s a great read-aloud book that
parents can share with their kids, while older readers will appreciate the way the book
doesn’t talk down to them in its examination of the world.

  Six Inches Tall Story by Skip Snaith, Illustrations by Tina Rose
117 pages, 118 illustrations,
Digital Edition now available
All images on this website © TinaRose